Countries producing the pistachios include Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Arizona and California in the USA; however      the foremost areas in the world growing pistachios are mainly Iran, Turkey, and San Joaquin Valley in California. Assortments of Iranian pistachios are very hard to find in USA because of hard profitable directives with Iran as the import duty amounts to over 300%.

nuts from Iran are regarded globally to be supreme because their scrumptious taste has no competition. These pistachios are unique especially due to the amount of gourmets. The Iranian premium quality is famous all across the planet.

These daysaAEURA(TM) pistachios are supplied in large quantities especially because of the efforts and support of Iranian pistachio farmers. Conventional farming linked with contemporary techniques blesses the pistachios from Iran with an assurance of full savor and protects their completely its natural flavor.

Iranian pistachio farmers are determined on attaining crops of enhanced quality plus they also desire to increase the pistachio farming region.

Pesticides are utilized to a least extent so as to protect the normal superiority of the harvest, about two times in a year. Iranian pistachios do not require any other cure or whitening, neither their look nor their flavor need improving.

Since 1982, export of Iranian pistachios has had a remarkable development, the welcome i: dicaiion being that they are increasingly accessible all through the globe; customers are enthralled by the Iranian Pistachios.

Li Kerman, southern heart of Iran, pistachio orchids spread all through the country. Created in Iran, these extensive and huge trees get their nutrients from the particular composition of Kerman soil. When crop time is forthcoming, pistachio trees turn out to I-- heavy with the violet-pink bunches, the exterruu defensive skeleton of pistachios.

 Nuts y ow in this cover and thrive well in heat, therefore suited to the hot weather of southern ] :in. Pistachio nuts are selected just before the fine violet peel breaks, specifically provided that pistachios are on the trees, their kernels are yet secluded. Farmers growing ] :.;tachios, take actions to see that their valuable crop comes to the customers all through the world in the similar outstanding condition.

type of Pistachios:

 • Round Pistachios (Kalleqouchi)
• Long Pistachios (Ahmadaghaee, Badami, Akbari)
 • Kernel Pistachios
• Jumbo Pistachios (Pandoghi)
• Closed Mouth Pistachios

FeW specifics about Pistachio:

• Pistachio is the core of dried nuts,plus one of the mostexpensive high calorie foods
• Iran createsmore pistachios than any other nation in the globe
• The leading farms of pistachio belong to iran
• That is why Iranians are more concerned in pistachio plus in the last 100 years iran has be come the largest and most significant pistachio trader and producer
• Persian pistachios are ideal the best in the planet
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Type of iranian pistachios:
long pistachio(akbari)
long pistachio(akbari)
these are the most expensive and traditional
jambo pistachio(Kale Ghuchi)
this kind is broad with an open mouth
long pistachio(Ahmad Aghaee)
these are the most expensive and traditional
long pistachio(Fandoghi)
these are the primary for export
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